RPA – hot or not? Here are the ultimate answers

RPA – hot or not? Here are the ultimate answers

One of today’s big business topics is robotic process automation. What is it? A boon or a thing? Where is the real value in applying RPA and how to do it right? So many questions that the #CRMKonvos team needed to ask Sebastian Eggert of SOGEDES.

It is no secret that RPA has its roots in UI based test automation to conduct load and stress tests and screen scraping. It is also no secret that it is always better to use APIs than that. That would put RPA firmly into the category of dying animals or, in more technical terms, make it a bridge technology.

But then, how about real life? Can one always do connect applications with APIs? How about empowering business units to get solutions faster than working with a continuously overburdened IT department? And: How about the risk of entrenching existing processes instead of entering the road to digital transformation, which is a business transformation? Is it reasonable to expect investments being made into RPA being turned over fast? After all, temporary solutions have the tendency to become quite permanent.

And if it is a bridge technology: What is the future? Hint: Look into process mining and machine learning…

Most important of all is the right approach for implementing RPA. Where to start, how to decide about good candidates for automation? Does it need a strategy?

He answered them all! Watch the episode that will remain known as the “hot shit” show. Because RPA is quite hot.