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Keep Your Brand in Front of Your Customers



  • The latest collection will be in store on Monday
  • Just arrived: New colors
  • Fresh styles and looks in store now


  • Grand opening of new store next month
  • Meet our Milford Store Manager
  • Fashion Show at our Merivale Store
  • Meet us at the Auckland Fashion Week


  • Buy 1 - get one more at half price
  • Two day Sale - 25% off everything
  • End of Season Sale starting Sunday


  • Delivered to your customer's phone
  • Here is your personal reward voucher
  • You are this month's lucky customer

What Customers want to hear - Wherever they are


Target Specific Customer Needs

  • Offers relevant to customer's historic and current purchases
  • This is your reward for becoming a valuable Gold Member of our loyalty program
  • Thank you for your Purchase

In the Now and the Near Future

  • Messages are delivered in near real time
  • Only the most recent offers, messages and coupons are available for the customer to view
  • Program campaign start and expiry dates and times in advance

Right Time - Right Place

  • Location Services bring traffic into your stores
  • Target market segments by location, date, and time
  • Your customers are mobile - so are your messages and offers
  • Hyper current campaigns - in the Here and Now

Inform and Educate

  • Recognise your customers' hot issue of the day
  • Inform your customer how you will meet their needs and wants
  • Disseminate brand and corporate news

Create Personalized Customer-driven Experiences


Multiple Touch Points for One-to-One and One-to-Many communication

  • Mobile
  • Internet
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Two-Way Dialogue

  • Answer your Customers pressing questions
  • Deliver options that empower choice
  • Ensure satisfaction and solicit emotional feedback
  • Ask for selfies wearing your brand
  • Listen to criticism and initiate change
  • Thank your customers for advocating your brand

Make the Most of what you have

  • Refine and Leverage your customer database
  • Feed customer demand for information and shape your content accordingly
  • Personalise product recommendations
  • Encourage employees to make every interaction a positive experience
  • Stimulate interest

Let your Customers Know that they are Appreciated

  • Thank You's
  • Acknowledge special occasions - e.g. birthdays or anniversaries
  • Provide guidance on styles, what mixes and matches
  • Selfie of the month competition

At the Customer's Fingertips


Reward Points Balances

  • Daily or even real time balance updates
  • Countdown to achieve next reward level "$100 to go until you reach our Platinum level"

Current Offers

  • Your Customers see only your most recent offers
  • No user management necessary

Events and Sales

  • Company wide and/or localised notifications
  • Inform about your customer's preferred or the closest store
  • Store opening
  • Private showing of new season collection

Personalised Coupons and Vouchers

  • Tailor offers to each individual customer
  • Use unique Coupon Codes
  • Control Coupon Redemption - allow one or multiple times
  • Reward your Customers for their loyalty and their advocacy


  • Convenient for You and Your Customer
  • Save Time and Money

Capture and Measure Customer Behaviour


Refine your campaigns

  • Collect data on customer life, needs and wants
  • Predict customer experiences
  • Analytics provides customer insights
  • Determine your most responsive and profitable audience

Know What Works

  • Who is redeeming your Coupons?
  • Where are your most profitable Customers shopping - and when?
  • What is driving Redemption Rates?
  • Know what happens - where and when

Learn about your Customers' Preferences

  • Improve your Customers' Sales Journey
  • Drive Outcomes
  • Eliminate unproductive Costs
  • Be more Relevant to your Customers

Close the Loop - at the Speed of Life

  • Measure campaign impact in real time
  • Customise your reporting requirements
  • Improve is your reach on Facebook
  • Know which channel is working

One Application for consistent Customer Engagement


Manage your mobile and social media campaigns from one place

  • Mobile App
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

Simple to use Cloud Service

  • Web Browser Access
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Point and Click Operation

Integrated with your Point of Sale and Customer Database

  • Customers sign up from their smart phone, your web site, or in store - at their convenience
  • Coupons are redeemed directly from the phone
  • Common data across your systems gives you a Single View on the Customer

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