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Thomas Wieberneit

CEO, Product Management

Thomas-WieberneitThomas is an executive with more than 15 years of leadership experience in consulting, the software industry and in the armed forces. He held senior leadership positions in SAP’s CRM development organization where he contributed to shaping and developing SAP’s CRM solution for more than a decade. He is an expert in CRM, in distributed software development and the introduction and application of agile development methods in enterprise scale projects. Before starting Epikonic Thomas established the CRM consulting practice for CIBER in New Zealand and Australia, which he led to success within one year, and drove CIBER’s innovation efforts in the area of social CRM.

Ramesh Bachiraju

CTO, Head of India Operations

Ramesh-BachirajuWith over 20 years of dabbling with software product development, Ramesh brings in deep expertise in building highly scalable enterprise products and technology management capabilities to Epikonic. Ramesh experience spans across industry verticals such as CRM and insurance. His technology interests range from SaaS, enterprise application frameworks, metadata driven development tools and mobile toolsets. Prior to Epikonic, Ramesh held senior positions at enterprise software product companies such as Planetsoft and SAP. Ramesh holds a Master of Technology from IIT Roorkee.

Robert Burke

Sales and Marketing

RBRobert has 20 years of experience in running software businesses and international business development. His companies have been mainly start-ups developing leading edge software that have been marketed and sold internationally. Robert successfully built these companies and sold their systems in a number of countries including Australasia, China, United Kingdom and United States. Robert is responsible for business development, Sales and Marketing at Epikonic, currently focusing on New Zealand and Australia.

Ramakrishna Venigalla

Chief Development Architect

RamakrishnaRamakrishna has around 15 years of experience in product development and technology architecture. He worked earlier with large MNCs and product based organisations like HP, Veritas and PlanetSoft. He has strong exposure in architecting, designing and implementing enterprise-grade products and solutions. Ramakrishna specialises in Enterprise Security, Highly Scalable Systems, Cloud Infrastructure and Enterprise Integration. Under his technical leadership quite a few strategic products were developed from ground-up, winning many accolades for him. His passion for technical quality and productivity drives him to constantly explore and streamline development processes and software architecture methodologies.

Subramanyam GV

Chief Developer

Subbu Subramanyam (Subbu) has 9 years of experience in designing and implementing Enterprise and Consumer products, those include Backup, Security, Data archiving and mobile solutions. For the past few years, he’s been focusing on enterprise mobility, delivering end-to-end infrastructural products and solutions. He has successfully supported large enterprise and consumer deployments and maintenance. He is very passionate about following new technology trends and grasping new technologies and applying them to our products. Subbu holds a patent on Email Ranking.

About Epikonic

We believe that people are not the products of social networks but their enablers. There is a right for privacy and a need for environments without unsolicited advertisements – be they hyper targeted or not.

At the same time people are interested in receiving relevant information and in a meaningful interaction with businesses relevant to them.

Epikonic disrupts the way social communication between companies and consumers currently works – to the benefit of both parties.

Our unique mobile app combines the ability to tune in to interesting companies with the ability to individually share what is of interest, be it advertisements or other content.

The Epikonic Command Centre manages and centralises interactions with social and mobile customers and offers relevant analytics that shows what works and what doesn’t.

Social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blogs and YouTube, to name but a few, are impacting everyone and changing the way enterprises and organizations interact with customers.

Epikonik is providing businesses with innovative powerful solutions and services to help them to engage with their customers via social media and mobile devices more effectively and efficiently. Companies using our software are able to collaboratively create value for and with their customers – thereby increasing their own revenue and margin. Our deep experience in and dedication to Customer Relationship Management and E-Commerce helps us doing this.

Collaborative value-creation is also our approach. We do not just build a product that we deem to be the panacea for all. Instead, using our experience, we apply a collaborative and iterative approach that enables our customers to create most value.

Our Vision

In an ideal world companies and their customers are engaged in an intensive dialogue, achieving mutual benefit. SocialMeetsCRM brings the world closer to this ideal.

Our Mission

Epikonic fosters the real-time dialogue between customer and company by delivering the solutions, tools, technologies and processes. Our solutions are fun to use and improve the ability to “get the job done” for both, customer, and company.

We believe in best-of-breed and in deep integration – and we believe that these principles are not in conflict with each other. Our software works platform independent while deeply integrating itself into and extending the existing system.

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