Reflecting on 2023 with gratitude – What caught your interest

Reflecting on 2023 with gratitude – What caught your interest

A very happy, healthy and prosperous new year to all of you.

This is also the time to review my blog and to have a look what your favourite posts of 2023 have been. With 23 posts, I admittedly have been somewhat lazy in 2023.

Looking at the top ten read posts in 2023, there is a clear clustering about a few topics, none of them really surprising. There is a genuine interest in CX, ChatGPT, and vendors. 

Again, this is not a surprise. 

Still, there are a few surprises in the list!

So, without further adoo, let’s hear the drumroll for your top five favourite posts on my blog – in ascending order. After all, some suspense cannot harm.

The fifth place gets claimed by my review of ZohoDay 2022 – “Don’t mess with Zoho – A Zohoday 2022 recap”. Yes, you read that right. This is a 2022 post.

Don't mess with Zoho

The fourth place got claimed by another article on Zoho, almost one year younger: Zoho, how a technology company reimagines business software. It is a reflection on the Zoholics 2023 conference in Austin and gives information about how Zoho evolved in the 12 months that lie between these two articles.

Zohoo - How a technology company reimagines business software

The article that your reading placed on position 3 is about the topic of 2023: ChatGPT. Beyond the hype – How to use ChatGPT to create value explores scenarios that help businesses gain value from an implementation of ChatGPT and provides an assessment framework that bases on accuracy of responses and fluency of the generated output.

Beyond the hype - How to use ChatGPT to create value

The second place, according to your interest, goes to an article about Zoho again. Truly Zoho – How capitalism and doing right coincide is about my take on the deeply immersive tour to which Zoho invited some fellow analysts and me in the beginning of 2023. Zoho gave us the unique opportunity to understand how the company leadership and, more importantly, its employees “tick”, what drives them – at the company HQ in Chennai and in Tenkasi, where Zoho started the implementation of its Transnational Localism concept.

Truly Zoho - How capitalism and doing right coincide

And here is your number one read article of 2023.

How to tie CX to business success in three simple steps. The article is born from the recognition that the CX industry still did not do a great job of tying business outcomes, business value, to an improvement of CX, but often seemed to look at a CX improvement as a value in itself. In this article, I provide you with a way to change that.

how to tie CX to business success in three simple steps

Honorable mentions to the articles you placed on places six to ten by your interest.

Some of these articles deal with two other companies that shape the CX industry and that are dear to my heart. 

SugarCRM explains how the third wave of CRM adds value. SugarCRM is one of the companies that make one of the most amazing turnarounds in the industry, shedding an open source legacy and regaining considerable mojo.

Relevance, reliability, responsibility are key for AI – the SAP way. Yes, SAP is shaping the CX industry, although the company’s efforts and successes remain largely unnoticed.

UX and CRM – How to make them a match. This, again, is a 2022 article. It bases on an interview I did with SAP’s Tim Holm.

The Generative AI Game of Thrones – Is OpenAI toast? Well, it looks like that the company is not toast, but it surely made many people think again about the tensions between doing good and commercialization. This particular story is still not told to an end.

Last, but not least, an article that fellow analyst and friend Marshall Lager contributed: Oho Zoho Solo is a reflection on “apps that are specifically targeted to serve entrepreneurs, small business owners in the making, freelancers and similar individuals“.

Thanks again to all of you for reading. This means a lot to me. I hope that I continue to be able to catch – and keep – your interest. 

Let me close with a question: Is there anything else that you would like me to cover? Please let me know in the comments.