Your ultimate 2021 hit list of most read articles

Your ultimate 2021 hit list of most read articles

It is this time of the year and I want to extend a heart-felt Thank You! to all my readers who honour me by investing your time into reading my posts, sharing and commenting on them.

Thank You!

Below is the list of the top 10 posts read by you in 2021

#10: How to avoid the looming CRM crisis

#9: The Dirty Dozen of 2021 Trends (maybe I should revise this one for 2022?)

#8: CRMKonvo – Freshworks on Platform, CRM and useful AI

#7: Outlaw Spirit – Lessons from The Zoho Analyst Day 2021

#6: How to orchestrate customer journeys in real time at scale

#5: Digitization, Digitalization, Digital Transformation – A Stake in the Ground

#4: With Oracle Fusion Marketing into the Future of CRM?

#3: Together, Zoom and Five9 shape a new market (well, in the light of this merger having failed … they could have shaped a market. Still, a very readable one)

#2: Nimble strengthens its ability to be where the user is

#1: Ecosystem Play, One Game at a Time

Obviously, I do not know yet in detail what I am going to write about in 2022. however, I strive to make it as valuable for you as this year – at least

Bonne Année!