CRM for SMB. The way it needs to be

CRM for SMB. The way it needs to be

Now this title is not a case of do a rhyme or get bitten but actually summarizes the topic pretty well. The CRMKonvos team had a long and good discussion with John Paterson, CEO of Really Simple Systems about the needs and wants of a CRM for SMBs.

Are the requirements that an SMB has really different from the ones that an enterprise has? At the end of the day the original challenges seem to be fairly similar. Especially on the sales side, people avoid the system, just like Denis Pombriant found in a study that we talked about earlier this year in our CRMKonvo about why salesreps hate their CRM. Here a short version that just answers this very question. The parallels in thinking and observations between Denis and John are striking!

But then, there are a few differences. Listen to John explaining them.

But then this isn’t all. Talking about value of the systems we couldn’t not also talk about the value of AI. Is there any? Where?

Spoiler alert: There is, but one needs to know what one is doing. What? The discussion reveals it in the last 15 or so minutes.

Enjoy the conversation. We learned a lot. You can, too.