Customer Service – its Future and the role of Emotions

Customer Service – its Future and the role of Emotions

Customer Service is changing fast, but is it all for the better? Which changes did the pandemic drive? Does messaging have a value, and if so which? How about the role of agents? What changed for them? Will they see an improvement in their jobs?

The CRMKonvos team had the pleasure of a good discussion with Ian Jacobs, principle analyst at Forrester Research who covers customer service and is one of the most knowledgeable persons around this huge topic.

Shortly before our broadcast Ian and some more of us were involved into an interesting and fiercely led discussion on LinkedIn around the role of emotions in customer service. Opinions clashed, strong arguments were exchanged. Naturally, this discussion made it into our CRMKonvo – and Ian made a couple of good points about the role (or not – no need for a spoiler here) of emotions and data, and how data can be used.

In addition, we of course looked into drivers of the customer service functions, how different industries are able to engage for good experiences and whether happy agents do actually create happy customers – interesting data on that one, I need to say, but then, thinking about it, it is also quite obvious in retrospective.

At the end of the day, we also asked him about his major predictions.

Big thanks to Ian for this highly engaging conversation and his insight.