Death to the silos – long live the silos

Death to the silos – long live the silos

The word is that it takes two to Tango. It turns out that sometimes it needs three! I will not spoil the excitement by naming who they are, though.

Why do we have silos in enterprise software? How to remove them? Do they even need to be removed? Does throwing more software at a software problem help? Aren’t the problems a software problem after all? If more or different software helps, what type of software can or should be used? Or are corporate silos even a Wallstreet problem? Great questions and even better answers by Joshua Greenbaum in this #CRMKonvo.

This one got even bigger than I expected. But then, Josh thinks in big lines. And he has wits, a lot of wits. He did not disappoint, really!

Apart from a lot of knowledge, that is. Listen in to our CRMKonvo.

I can also highly recommend to read Josh’s article “Death to all Silos, with Aphorisms”. It is worthwhile, promised!