Great CX from an Oracle point of view

Great CX from an Oracle point of view

The CRMKonvos team started into the new year talking with Daniel Renggli, Director Field Marketing North at Oracle. As we all know, Oracle has a vast range of solutions across the whole value chain and is one of the few that can (almost) support a whole enterprise with its solution. Oracle was also known as a cloud laggard – a notion that got vastly changed in the last few years. And Oracle governs the complete hardware and software stack to support businesses, which again is rare in the enterprise applications world. The company’s IaaS infrastructure even can extend into the customer data center, which is a very interesting offering.

Last, but not least, Oracle has a strong set of CRM- and CX applications, on premise and in the cloud, with the cloud software being established in the market in the past years.

Oracle is one of the contenders in the #ClashOfTitans.

All the more reason to talk with an Oracle representative about what is great CX and how to get there.

Being confronted with the complete CRMKonvos gang, Daniel took his stand.

And he did well.

We learned a lot. You can, too. Here is the recording of the conversation. It is worthwhile the time. Trust me.