How to add more Punk to CX

How to add more Punk to CX

With our guest Adrian Swinscoe the CRMKonvos team walked the line between Punk and CX, discuss what they have in common.

Adrian is the author of Punk CX, a book that he is not ashamed to admit was conceived after having a drink or two. Punk is a reaction to the attempt at perfection and an obsession towards technical skill that are a hallmark of Prog Rock. Prog Rock simply appeared overblown.

Punk, in contrast, is not about perfection. Instead it is about doing, getting started, with corners and edges.

In this sense, Adrian is a punk of CX, and his book is absolutely readable, with quite some food for thought. It is DiY style, just as punk is.

But how does this apply to CX? Find out punk style. Watch this great CRMKonvos episode.

Of course, we didn’t just stick to this but also looked into what are similarities and differences between CX in the US and Europe, and so much more, including the future and microphone latency.