How to do Customer Journey Orchestration

How to do Customer Journey Orchestration

Customer Journey Orchestration is one of the hottest topics in the CRM/CEM/CX area right now. And it is a bigger one than you might think. It involves thinking about ecosystems, actors, outcomes, interactions, jobs-to-be-done and much more.

To get into the thick of it, we wanted to talk with someone who really knows this topic from the inside out, and is independent at the same time.

This person is Dr. Graham Hill, who has advised numerous companies across the globe for over 30 years now. As said, Graham knows his stuff and is a recognized thought leader in customer experience, interaction optimization and journey orchestration.

So, let us hear what he has to say! Spoiler alert: You will not regret it!

Join us in the discussion with Dr. Graham Hill, who has a keen eye on this topic from a services dominant logic point of view. Attend, participate, engage. You will not regret it.