How to do great Customer Journey Orchestration

How to do great Customer Journey Orchestration

Following the great discussion about Customer Journey Orchestration that we had with Graham Hill it was obvious that this topic deserves and requires more attention. We had a lot of points and different terms, starting from customer journey management, customer managed journeys, customer journey analytics, customer journey mapping and so on. Provocative statements like “customer journey mapping is utterly useless” popped up and were discussed. Is this tool utterly useless? Well, the discussion shed some light!

So, we asked the most active participants of the chat conversation whether they would be up for a panel discussion. Graham Hill, Ray Gerber and Kristy Tupper agreed.

So, here we are with a panel discussion about this exciting topic. The three of them have different views that help in furthering our knowledge. The CRMKonvos team is really excited to host this discussion, which is cut in three sections.

Interested in the leading questions? Have a look at the next three short videos. Or dive right into the discussion, which is at the end of this post.

What is customer journey orchestration?

Who benefits most of Customer Journey Orchestration?

How do customer journey orchestration and customer journey mapping relate to each other?

These good questions and points of view opened up exciting and well received discussions. Enjoy watching them.