How to get CRM for small businesses right

How to get CRM for small businesses right

There is one scary fact in the CRM world. Out of roughly 25 million businesses, only 1 percent has a CRM system. Imagine this! It is a huge waste on one side and a tremendous opportunity on the other side. If vendors find the way into the future of CRM. Nimble seems to have found a way.

The CRMKonvos team discussed these and other challenges of CRM systems with Jon Ferrara, founder and CEO of Nimble. We are following his path for quite some time now, how he built Nimble from very small beginnings and always with the thought of enriching an ecosystem with his solution that is formed around simplicity and making life easier not only for the salesreps but for other employees, too.

Learn how a philosophy of giving and sharing enables own growth by helping others to grow – from someone who achieved this repeatedly.

And yes, Jon also knows why social selling and social CRM are not things anymore – if they have ever been.

Jon is a true role model. Learn from him how to scale while being yourself, thinking outside-in.