How to make an impact on CX – with your supply chain

How to make an impact on CX – with your supply chain

Amazon is surely an example for a company that has the reputation for good CX. Where does it come from? After all, the site is ugly. Too much advertisement, too. But then Amazon has outstanding supply chain and logistics.

Customers like having alternatives even when they buy habitually. Amazon was good at delivering in 2-days and forgiven for not doing so during the pandemic. So they established their reputation before disruption upset it. Amazon also focuses on consumer experience. Many other firms don’t manage their supply chains that far forward.

We are discussing with Steve LeMay, Associate Professor of Marketing and Logistics at the University of West Florida, and Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Logistics at Mississippi State University. Steve has a long history in researching supply chain, supply chain ethics and circular closed-loop supply chains.

And he is the person who knows Paul Greenberg longest – apart from Paul’s brother …

This makes him the perfect guest to talk about the impact that supply chains have on CX, and how to make sure that they contribute to a good CX.

Have there be learnings from the Covid crisis? Or from the 2021 blockage of the Suez Canal? Which ones? Are they being implemented?

Are lean supply chains too lean? How to make them lean and resilient?

What is the state of research?

Steve shares a wealth of experience and examples in this episode, which make it well worth reviewing it.

Enjoy the last CRMKonvo of the year 2021. CU again on the other side of New Year’s Eve!