How to overcome the process knowledge challenge with a little AI

How to overcome the process knowledge challenge with a little AI

Many a company has a severe challenge with how their processes actually work. Documentation may or may not be there. Tribal knowledge exists. Lots of repositories, too, including file systems, collaboration tools, chat tools, email, etc. In brief, there is the need for a solution. 

Startup Sevantiz has taken on this challenge with its Flockwise platform, which is reason enough for the CRMKonvos team to invite Sri SabesanMani Manivannan and David Pickrell into our studio to discuss their approach and how it relates to CRM (spoiler alert: it does) and CX (it does, too). 

But what is Flockwise?

Flockwise brings knowledge from  the documentation, tribal knowledge and the transaction systems to answer the questions that employees in businesses have every day.  Although we utilize a chat interface, It is much more than an Chatbot.    Flockwise is designed to  discover knowledge and serving it to the user in a way that the user get the right answer to the question. 

Flockwise creates the opportunity for the Enterprise Flock and their trusted advisors / consultants and outsourcers to capture knowledge and provide answers to the questions in a way that no other solution does.   Creating an efficient way for something that we have always talked about. And that is capturing expert knowledge in a way that is truly reusable for the benefit of productivity of the employees and customers and suppliers of an organization.

Sounds good? Then dive deeper into this CRMKonvos episode!