This is the way of SugarCRM – a CRMKonvo

This is the way of SugarCRM – a CRMKonvo

In this conversation we had the pleasure of talking to Clint Oram, chief strategy officer and one of the founders of SugarCRM. We discussed 2021 trends to find out which ones Cllint does see and, of course, which path SugarCRM is following on its trajectory to becoming a platform player and participating in the #ClashOfTitans.

This couldn’t be covered without discussing the reasons for SugarCRM leaving the initially highly successful path of using Open Source Software (hint: there have been very good reasons) and what it entails to become – and stay – successful. Clint related a very valuable personal story here to make his point: It is not only about having the right idea. There is so much more to it – but watch it in the CRMKonvo. 

It being the season, we also asked him about which trends he sees and what customers are asking for. Good answers here.

The worst word of the year? “New normal”. Well, I cannot but agree here … although … something has changed, hasn’t it?

Enjoy this awesome CRMKonvo.