Zohonomics: How to make a difference by creating resources

Zohonomics: How to make a difference by creating resources

What does it take to make a company sustainably successful? Why is it so important to combine the global and the local view? And what is Zohonomics about?

The CRMKonvos team had the chance to discuss with Vijay Sundaram, Chief Strategy Officer at Zoho about these topics – and some more. As one of very few global companies, Zoho has made it its strategy to not build locations in tier one centres, but to go to smaller towns. According to Vijay, this is highly beneficial. The company is also doing some other things different. As one example, Zoho does not look at resources as something that is constrained, but as something that can and needs to be created! Another interesting view is the one on core competencies? What are they? And why? Will they stay static? What to do if one does not have a competency?

Why does all this matter? Vijay explains this in the CRMKonvo. 


The CRMKonvo is totally worthwhile following. In case you want a shorter version of some key aspects:

Vijay Sudaram explains Zohonomics

and how the avoidance of fads in favour of sustainable principles is beneficial.