CRMKonvos – The all time hot 5 including some surprises

CRMKonvos – The all time hot 5 including  some surprises

The new year just started, so it is the perfect time to look at some data. To keep you curious: There are some interesting data points. I looked at and reviewed the success of our CRMKonvos. We are streaming live on various channels, including my LinkedIn profile, several Facebook channels including mine, the one of Ralf KorbKorb & Kollegen as well as Tante Emma 4.0 and occasionally Kompetenztraining Ralf Korb. Of course, we are on Twitter using @twieberneit and @loneRangerCRM. Last, but not least we stream to our YouTube channel CRMKonvos.

We are live every Tuesday at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 7 pm CET. Why do I say that? Because we are serving an international audience and timing matters for live shows.

On all of these channels the videos remain available for viewers who could not make it to the live episodes.

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Streaming to Twitch doesn’t seem to be that successful for us. I think, this is due to being live once a week is not often enough to build an audience. And then Twitch is full of gamers, who might be less interested in the latest and greatest of CRM and CX, delivered via good discussions with our expert guests.

A hard part is that we haven’t found a solution that gives us detailed statistics, like views over time, duration of the view, engagement, etc. across platforms. Means, getting this data it is all manual work. If there is anyone who has a solution for this: I am all game, let me know via the comments or ping me via my LinkedIn or Twitter profiles.

So, I did the data collection and am now able to tell you the 5 most viewed CRMKonvos at the end of 2021. 

But first, some more insight based upon this data collection:

  • Quite obvious: Multicasting onto several platforms pays off in terms of reach and engagement. 
  • Another quite obvious one: Having expert guest who are not only knowledgeable but who are also well known leads to an increased number of views.
  • A third (and last) pretty obvious one: Hitting a nerve with a topic of current interest generates views.
  • Our audience is quite divers: CRMKonvos that were successful on one channel weren’t necessarily very successful on another.
  • When it comes to viewing episodes at later points in time: Do not forget that YouTube is not the only important channel. Only three of the top five videos are also amongst the top five on YouTube.
  • Interestingly, Facebook seems to be doing a good job at bringing videos into the stream of followers and other people. So does YouTube. LinkedIn … not so much.
  • Collaborative announcement matters as well. We are normally starting to announce the episodes 5 – 6 days in advance, using social media. When this announcement got taken up by the guests and/or their organisations, there tend to be more viewers.

Of course, own brand-building helps as well.

But now, our top 5 CRMKonvos of 2021


No 5: Raju Vegesna on Privacy and data collection

No 4: One of our very early ones. Bob Stutz and Esteban Kolsky talking straight

No 3: Another oldie. A conversation about Qualtrics going public, MS Inspire and more

No 2: Initial reactions to the 2021 SugarCRM Analyst day

No 1: A conversation about Privacy shield and more (due to very high reception on Facebook)

Enjoy reviewing them. They are all worthwhile. They also show how our degree of professionalism increased over time.

Also have a look at some other ones as well. They are all available on our YouTube channel CRKonvos.

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